USGP at Indianapolis 2002


Gary and I went to the USGP at Indianapolis to watch some F1 racing live. September 27 - 29, 2002. My 2nd F1 race. But I still have a crappy camera so my pics are terrible. The video from that weekend has some great sounds, but the lack of a tripod makes it pretty shakey.



A view from the golf course in the morning. We parked inside the track.

Its huge.The pit road and main straight.

Schumacher leaving the pits.

The Ferrari driving at 200mph on the main straight.

A McLaren, going the opposite way the Indy cars go.

Learning quickly that my camera sucks. It has a slight delay when taking photos.

Looking back on Holman Blvd. Quite the zoom. Not.

Me recording with my camcorder.

Shooting through the fence.

McLaren with the Pagoda in the background.

The mainstraight on Friday practice.

Turn 1, Schumacher in his Ferrari.

Schumi heads towards turn 2. And continues through the infield

I can't believe some schmo thought that IRL racing requires more skill.

The car that got me hooked on F1. The 1967 Ferrari F312.

Before downforce and carbon fiber

Awsome exhaust headers.

A good Christmas card.

Mario's winning Lotus from 1978.

FW 23? or 24? Who cares, its right here!

Good lines.

Carbon fiber disc brakes.

Last year's McLaren.

David Coultard's F1 McLaren Mercedes.

This had some rust on the rear suspension.

Great to be so close to the car to examine it.

I would love to be able to drvie one of these. Just don't think I would fit.

Hot Wheels.

Schumacher in practice.

Schumi's F2002 along Hulman Blvd.

Ruebens zooming along turn 10.

Sara Fisher got to take last years McLaren out for a few laps. Lucky girl!

Another practice session. It took about 3 seconds for the cars to drive this.

Schumi at Turn 7

Kimi and his MP 4-14

David Coultard going through the autograph gauntlet.

Here is David Coultard's rental Mercedes. Slightly different than his other car.

And here is DC's half drunk gatoraid. To be surrounded by such greatness...

US TIifosi.

McLaren with the Pagoda in the background.

Another great shot of the McLaren and some concrete.

3X optical zoom on my crappy Nikon camera.

Schumacher heading for full throttle.

Thats me, always watching the Ferraris drive by.

Man I need a new camera.

The new driver for arrows dons his balaklava

Getting into the F1 car on the grid... yep another day at the office.

Me in the ultimate video game.

Nice pit crew!

Mechanical difficulties force an early retirement for me at the USGP.

Schumacher puts on his helmet before the race.

The starting grid forms up.

And they're off.

It was very very loud. And very fast...

Can't believe I was this close to the start.

The podium ceremony of the strange finish to the race where Michael let Ruebens by for the flag after dominating the whole weekend.

The fans seemed to enjoy it. Heard some booing at the end, but not much.

Gary and I in front of the pagoda. A great weekend at Indy.

Sunday race ticket, on the main straight looking over to the pits.

The track map of Indy. 2.606 miles around.
Total race distance: 73 laps, 190.238 miles