Views through my lens

Welcome to a few webpages that capture one of a kind "Krygier" images from my many travels. I hope my websites inspire you to follow F1 racing, take interest in some cool museums and national sites, listen closely for Cylons and correctly spell Alfa when referring to the automobile. Enjoy!


My 1974 911 project The 1980s called and they want their car back.

My 1979 911 Targa project As if I needed more work.

My 1983 911 Project batteries not included, some assembly required!

My Porsche road trip from SF to SEA

Dad's 944 when it was for sale (its already sold)


BMW pix


1967 Chevy C20

Alfa Romeo

Alfa projects how my collection of Alfas grew from 2 to 4.

My old AOL site I made for the Alfas

Milano page