Driving a Porsche isn't that bad

I flew down to Oakland to drive up a Porsche dad bought online. Had a great trip driving up Hwy 101 through the Redwoods and the Oregon coast.


Thursday morning, picked up the car from the dealer.

First put the bra on the front.

The car is in pretty good shape, but needs a little work here and there.

It is a 944 Cabriolet S2, with a 3 liter 4 cylinder (if you can believe that).

Looks a lot nicer than the standard 944 coupe

On the road leaving San Francisco.

On the Golden Gate.

First redwood stop

A view from the car while driving through the Avenue of Giants.

2nd stop at Founder's Grove

The founders tree. 346ft high, 12.7ft in diameter.

Same tree, a little closer. Kinda big.

After I pushed it over I noticed it didn't have much of a root system.

Couldn't drive through it, amazing this tree was still standing.

Great redwoods. You could really hear the trees groan and creek.

Thrusday night, I made it to Gary's great house in Port Orford, OR

A big house with a great view.

Just a portion of Gary's view.

Went for a hike on Friday

Walked along the beach and bluffs.

I love the Oregon coast.

While we were hiking, we came accross this huge airstrip

Its used for emergency landings for large jets. Obviously not used much.

Driving up 101 in Oregon on Saturday.

Newport bridge.

Now on Route 6 heading into Portland.

Stopped and stayed with Uncle John and Elizabeth. Great visit and diner!

John seemed to like the Porsche. :-)

Took grandma out for breakfast Sunday, then drove her through some twisty roads.

Standard cruising speed, handles very well.

Made it home on Sunday, Porsche at Chez Krygier.