Home repairs
My first big scare after living in the house for 8 months was finding dry rot and moisture ants in the wall above the suana. Later I found some more dry rot in my low pitch roof.


Found where the water was coming in. There wasn't any flashing on the roof or a gutter for the top part.
You can see where someone tried to seal this up. It didn't work.
Had to rip out the wood and framing as it was all rotten and had lots of moisture ants.
Used the tar paper for flashing too.
2 weekends worth of work and my roof is repaired.
Proper flashing (hopefully)
The following summer I had issues with this section.
Found more dry rot and leaks.
Old plywood from the '50s.
Time to replace.
Need better flashing here.
Tim helping once again.
Not too bad here, the ceiling of my dining room.
Cut and replace.
Tim gets a lot of calls.
Last bit of plywood.
Now the sticky tar to hold down the flat roof.
All done.
I really don't like my low pitch roof.