The scary bathroom gets a facelift
June 2005. I finally get around to fixing up this ugly old bathroom. My budget is $50.


Tim graciously shows me how to demolish a room.
After a couple of hours all the tile is gone.
What to do here....
The floor is old linoleum. I'm going to tile it.
Should it stay or go?
No more sink. Getting ready for....(next slide please).
This! I went with some marble and brass I found at the ReStore.
Once I get the wood trim in it will look nicer.
Cleared out all the dry wall.
Secret compartment.
Repairing the wall.
Sink is in and working. Need to finish the trim.
Hardibacker board for the tile
Learned how to tile.
New floor done!
New Tub
Tim's handiwork for the shower.
Flashing around the top
I finished installing the shower and faucet.
Left a message to the future demolishers.
Just an opinioin that I have...
Got the tile in for the bath.
Whew, that was a lot of tile.
Now a usable bathroom
Still need to paint and finish the moulding
New shower works!
Holy Smokes its all done!
I like my mini shelves on the side.
New Toilette and access door for shower plumbing.
New towel hangers.