Kitchen Remodel
So, I started tearing apart the kitchen. Only about half way through.


The old kitchen
Old fridge
Old, small, cramped.
Old sink.
Time for a change
3-7-2007 The last of the double doors
Tim and his trusty saws all.
Need to wire up for fridge.
Wires goin in
Fridge all wired up and in.
Where the Oven used to be.
Wine cabinet now where the old oven was.
Start tearing this apart.
This took up so much space.
"This is man's work and dangerous"
Temporary oven works! I baked for the first time in 4 years.
Now for these #$@ing cabinets.
Tim and I start on the tile. It was messy to deconstruct.
Slowly coming together.
Put the cabinet up above the fridge.
Last of the tile
It just comes up. 4-24-2007
No more tile!
Interesting wiring for the dishwasher. I'll have to fix that.
All the dead sheet rock pulled away.
New wiring.
Dad did most of the work here. Thanks dad!
Built the cabinet.
Mounted the microwave plate.
New drywall
Sort of coming together.
Tim helped with putting up the microwave. It now works!
And the joint compound is going up.
New counter is cut, looking like a kitchen.
We decided to make some space for the new lights.
Dad helping out big time. Nice to have some experieced help.
Ah, just need some lights.
The new look.
Tim did a masterful job with the drywall.
And he helped hang the cabinet.
Did a little carpentry to repair some old wood.
The sink is gone!
A new one fits!
Water works too! Next is counter tops.
OK, so we put down the redish one, it ripped, didn't like the color and..
Went for the blackish granite looking one
The door on the wine refridge? Not for long.
I prefer this color. Glad we damaged the other color.
New sink is in! I love the big single basin.
Stools and trim work done!
Put the back splash in, now just some more trim.
Whew...someday this will all be over.