More repairs and paint
Ugh! More bugs and dry rot to fix. Plus I'm finally painting the exterior a new color, forgoing the mustard color it was painted.


So in early August I noticed some bugs flying around in my dining room.
I saw they were coming out of my wall so I started digging in.
Found a huge moisture ant nest and rotten wood.
More rot.
Where was the water coming from?
I first thought it was from above.
But further inspection showed that was an old leak and not an issue.
Found the culprit, a leaking compression fitting. Bad plumbing job when the bath was added in 1993.
Had to remove lot of rot.
And some of the sub floor was damaged.
This is under the shower. Almost had to tear out the shower. A nightmare.
Managed to replace the rotten subfloor pieces.
And cover the hole to the crawlspace.
Start the rebuilding process.
Looking better.
While I was under the house working Tim did some fancy welding for the shower.
Tim is a better plumber than whoever worked on it before.
My WRX can haul plywood!
I put it to good use.
More drywall experience for me.
And all repaired and done.
With the good weather I wanted to start painting the house. It needed it.
Trying some various colors.
Found some rot again. Yay!
And noticed the Garage Mahal had some exterior issues.
Found some bad wood in the front that needed replacing.
And more bad wood on the side and a lack of insulation.
Really wanted to replace the bad siding and window.
Dad takes a break from golfing to remove a leaky window.
Put some tar paper up and a new window.
The new siding and door!
And I got a new paint job on before the weather turned bad.
The siding replaced and the new paint. I like it.
All painted, thank the gods.