Kitchen remodel 2.1

OK, so I got a little distracted by a Porsche project. But now with a global pandemic I have more time to work on this project. I can finally get to the lower part of the cabinets and refresh the wood and stains, build some sliding drawers, and replace the floor tiles.

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Last look at the cabinet doors from the 1950s.

All the doors off.

All the doors off.

All the doors off.

I replaced some old wood and did some painting.

I need to replace this old cabinet.

Cut the wood, use the router for the shelves.

I'm calling it the complicated cabinet.

Test fit looking good. All the pieces ready for assembly.

Glueing it up.

Starting to fit it all together.

Primed the interior.

Fitting the door of the complicated cabinet.

Need to build some drawers. Some will need to be replaced.

I've cut most of the replacement doors. Next a lot of sanding.

After some scotch, I remembered I used three coats of this cherry stain.

The complicated cabinet test fit.

The complicated cabinet, the other side.

Left an easter egg

Made a jig for the door hinges

Much easier than doing it by hand

Test fit the sink doors.

The staining begins

More staining...mmmmm smells good.

More pieces more staining. And the top Poly coat (3x).

The stain I used before wasn't available so I found this General Finishes Oil Stain matches pretty good. 2 coats.

These turned out pretty good.

While those are drying I'm tearing out the cabinet on the end.

After 60 plus years its coming out.

And it didn't take much to put the complicated cabinet in.

Got it secured to the floor.

Cutting some drawers.

Half inch plywood and some pocket screws.

Five drawers good to go.

And painted.

Got them mounted. Is that a 1998 Michael Schumacher hat on the floor? Sacrilidge.

It works.

Starting to come together.

The staining and polyurethane coat finally turned out.

Getting the cabinet doors back on.

And the drawer is in.

Seems to work pretty well.

And the lower pulls.

Time for a cocktail.

Test fitting again.

Cutting some drawers.

Building some drawers.

Painting some drawers.

Installing some drawers.

My solution for the blind cabinet drawers.

The bottom ones pull out and the back ones can come behind.

The drawer cabinet.

Cleared out the liquor cabinet.

Drawers in the liquore cabinet. Jan Brady would approve.

Lot of work this weekend, got all the drawer faces cut and fitted.

And got the back side pieces cut and fitted. Started staining.

The booze door is on!

Finally got the drawers done and the missing pieces in.

All the drawers work as they should too.

Now onto the floor.

VAT - vinyl asbestos tile. Had it tested and confirmed.

Used a heat gun to pull it up very cleanly. No breaks or dust and wore a good mask.

Had leftover oak floor and it installed pretty good.

And finished my new cutting board.

Hard maple and walnut. Racing stripes down the middle.

Finally tackling the floor.

The heat gun makes it really easy to lift these up.

I tried using a mastic remover for the black vinyl tile glue.

It didn't work.

So I cut along the edges and pulled up the subfloor.

Now to put down new subfloor plywood.

First board down.

Kitchen has a new subfloor.

Now to do the laundry room.

Testing the tile layout.

Peel and stick.

Took about 2 days to lay down.

Transition piece is in, must be done!