Laundry Room 1.0

Since the laundry room is off the kitchen and I'll have to do the floor in here as well I thought I'd tackle these cabinets by repainting them and adding a new one to replace the single dust collecting shelf that was there. Should orgainze it a bit by hiding all the cleaners.

Took the shelf down and prepared the wall.

Old galvanized water pipes needed replacing.

Had to tear into the wall to remove washing machine feeds and make spot for manifold.

Needed new water heater too.

A little drywall work.

How to transport really long pex in your WRX.

We noticed these manifold connectors didn't work well with pex.

Our solution was to hammer on a pex collar and then crimp to manifold.

The new water manifold.

Want to make sure I can open that door all the way too.

I used the leftover plywood from the kitchen to make this.

Has the bar below to hang dry my laundry.

Now just need to paint the old ones on the right.

Here is the pex manifold cabinet with the new doors. Will paint the same color.

I painted the ceiling.

Goodbye ugly tiles

Pulled up the nasty glue covered plywood.

New plywood subfloor is down and cleaned.

Testing the layout.

All laid down.

Got the floor done!