My furniture projects
Building my dining room set, the barrel chair, library, and coffee table.

One of my first mortise and tenon joints
All the peices needed for the two end chairs.
What the frame looks like
I see a dead Alfa in the back
Adding the back slats took a while
Coming together.
Two of them done now.
Now they're stained up and the cusions are on.
Now only 4 more to make!
Now onto the barrel chair.
The form to bend the back.
Had to bend the base too.
And then the slats. These were tricky.
Fitting it all together.
Very fragile until its glued up.
Further along.
All done!
Took me a while.
Looks pretty good!
Its pretty comfy!
Making my library.
First made the base.
Then the shelves.
Staining takes a while.
But once its done I finally have a place for all my books.
And Tarmegan made cusions!
I made the bench so I could store stuff inside.
Now onto the dining room table. Figuring out the size.
Got my four corners figured out.
And then some supports.
Basic framework.
All the wood for the table.
More slats! Yay.
Making the table top.
Nice decorative section for the middle.
Coming along.
All glued up.
Fitting the top.
My biscuit joiner work
Now to sand.
Prep for staining.
All stained and ready for use.
With the chairs.
The look from the head.
For $300 in materials I now have my dining room set.