Kitchen 2.0

So I'm fianlly tired of the vinyl tiles on the floor and want some stone counter tops. Also figured I should refinish the cabinets since they're 60 years old and looking pretty worn out. The boxes are well built though so I'm going to reskin and stain with some new finish plywood.


First cabinet to be refinished. This one was the ugliest I have.

Using maple to make new skins.

New siding and painted the inside.

Also wanted to build some narrow cabinets for my cooking trays and cutting boards.

One for the side of the oven and the top for the microwave.

Looking pretty good.

Refinished cabinet waiting to go up.

Narrow cabinets installed. Now for some infrastructure work.

Finally cut out that box in the ceiling leftover from the old kitchen.

Also got rid of the other section where the cabinets used to hang, and installed some LED lights.

Added onto the ceiling where my refurbished cabinet will hang.

Finally connected the range fan to outside exhaust. It works well now.

Boring infrastructure part almost finished. Just need the sheet rock.

Sheetrock action

Sheetrock action

First layer of joint compound

First layer of joint compound

Tools of the trade

More sheet rock action

More sheet rock action

New LED lights in. Ceiling pretty much done.

New LED main light. No longer a dark kitchen.

And painted it white just for now.

Boring infrastructure work done, now on to cabinets.

A weekend later.

The small one on the side for cutting boards.

Another weekend and smore more cabinets.

Not pleased with the color on this one, going to restain it.

Narrow side cabinet for cooking sheets and cutting boards.

Got the uppers all done. Now onto the lower ones.