Lean to/shed

Bought a large compressor and it was too big for my garage and I was really tired of the noise my other compressor makes while I'm working so I decided to build a shed outside of the garage to hold the compressor. This should cut the noise down considerably and give me a little extra storage for yard tools.


Picked up the 300lbs compressor using Angie's truck.

Figured this was a good spot.

Roughly about 4' x 6'

Put some gravel down and compressed it. Repar too.

Rent the concrete trailer from Handy Andy a few blocks away. Premixed and ready to go.

Pretty simple to pour it in.

Tim adjusted the form so it was flush with the garage foundation. Smart.

Also had enough to widen the walkway along the side of the house.

Let it cure about a week before building. Dried with the anchor bolts embedded in.

Starting the framing.

Borrowed Tim's framing nailer sure made things go faster.

3 walls, progress.

Pitched the roof so its just under the z-flashing on the garage so I can tuck the shed flashing under the z-flashing.

Cutting the birdsmouth joint.

Making the roof.

Roof trusses on.

OSB on the top.

OSB on the side.

Tar paper and wrap going on.

Wrap and siding on.

Trim and door

Moved this 60 gallon monster in with the help of Tim and Matt. Now to hook it up.

A fun trip to Home Despot. Driving back with some floppy insulation on the roof.

Interior all done.

Got the rain gutters on. Omg, its done!

Here is the plumbing on the inside.

And this is just awesome.