Been wanting to add a carport to the side of the house. Decided on a metal carport that rests on the driveway and ground. Made of 14 guage galvanized steel. I purchased this through Coast to Coast carports. Assembly was included in the cost but I needed to modify their option to fit in my space so I opted to assemble myself with some much appreciated help.


Decided on this spot for a carport.

My plans for the carport. Most companies couldn't/wouldn't build to these designs.

All the pieces delivered.

Started the work, placed some pavers along the side and removed gutter.

Had to cut down the posts to fit.

Doing a test fit with first arch. Very handy to have Tim help with this.

Making sure the truck fits underneath.

Continued building.

Gotta love the metal chop saw.

All framed up.

Started with the long battens.

Battens on, siding up.

Started on the roof.

Roof accomplished.

Doubled up on the roof panels.