The Great Floor Project of '06
I'm finally installing the oak floor in the dining room and living room.


There was hardwood floors throughout the house except in the new addition.
Before laying down the new floor, first I had to do repairs in the dinning room.
Tim and his handy saws all cuts away the dry rot.
More rot.
So, we cut it all away and replaced the wood
Put in new plywood and tar paper
Replaced the siding.
And after sanding drywall and making a mess its done.
Now its onto installing the floor
Cut away the bad ends
Tear up the short pieces.
Use a fence to get a straight cut.
Lots of dust right now.
Poof, all gone. Ok, now I'm ready to start.
And here it goes.
All done with the dining room. Time for a beer and a hot tub.
And the dining room is cleaned and done.
This is next.
Dad helped me move all the stuff out of the room. Thanks dad.
Goodbye ugly skanky carpet
Look what the carpet layer guys left under the carpet. Nice work dipsticks.
I beg to differ after finding those razors under there.
$4/sq yard. What a rip. They really damaged the oak in parts of the house.
Left by the floor guys who messed up the old hard wood. yeah, I'll call, sure.
Most of the carpet gone.
And the particle board is up too.
This tool was cool. It leveled the subfloor to match the old subfloor.
Paper barrier goes down. Hardwood pile ready to go.
First row goes down.
Tough work but going good.
35 more rows to go.
By the 2nd nights work I'm almost done
Now only 12 more rows to go.
Just 2 1/2 feet left.
More progress
And done!
Goodbye ugly carpet, hello hardwood floor.
Just need to install some transition pieces near the stone
Eventually, I'll sand it all down and refinish, but thats another project in...
And all the furniture back in place now.
So it looks a little better than the nappy old carpet that was there before.
Got the trim pieces in too.