The Garage Mahal project
After years of having a pretty messy garage I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted something nice and organized. Also wanted it to be a man cave of sorts with lots of racing decorations.


Here it is when I first bought the house. Nothing in there but shelves and a bench.
Dad and I put in the insulation that first year and I built another work bench.
But it was a bit dark so we added more lights.
Later, after a few years of projects the garage got pretty messy.
I did my Porshe engine rebuild and it just got worse.
At least the cars looked ok.
But look at how crapped up it is. So I embarked on the great Garage Mahal Overhaul.
First the wiring.
Finally redid my outside light wiring so I could put it on an automatic sensor.
And I could de-crapify and get rid of junk.
Less shit means more room.
Tim of course helped me with the dry wall.
Cleaning out the corner.
Using extra dry wall above the door.
Doing the corner.
Mud and tape.
Its coming along. More walls done.
All the sheet rock up and cars back in the garage.
More mud and tape, hard to work in the cramped conditions.
Got all these cabinets for free from my uncle. Sweet!
He was remodeling kitchen's and baths in a W. Seattle appartment building.
Since they were going to the dump I got em for free.
All the mud and tape done now the painting.
After the primer coat it looks pretty good.
Side wall painted.
Now to put the cabinets up.
Making sure they're level.
All of them up, thanks to Glynnis for the help!
And the lowers go in next.
Now for the counter top and back board.
Should be a good work area
I can hang my tools on the particle board back board.
Takes time, not a lot of TV watching.
More progress
Time for final paint
Starting to paint the ceiling
Got the side wall done
Looking good.
Painting the ceiling sucks
But it looks better than before.
Looking better.
And more organized.
I don't like the white.
Going for gray.
And gloss black for the shelf and back.
I like the look
Painted the door to relfect more light.
A little utility carpet near the bench and a hot rod stool.
And a little red make it more race car like.
Car tools on one side.
New speakers and clean bench.
Very close to finished.
Car art and a computer.
Wood working tools on the other side (and engine puller).
More art.
The Garage Mahal, all done!