1967 Chevy C20 Pickup Truck

Never thought I'd buy a truck, but being a home owner and classic car restoring kind of guy I needed a truck to be a Lowesmobile and parts mover. Wanted something retro and easy to work on.


After searching for about a year I found one I liked.  

It wasn't in too bad of shape and was running. The brakes weren't too functional and the tires are old.

It has new old style bumpers and a straight body. 

It was missing a tailgate for a while but the previous owner found one recently. Lucky!

The heartbeat of a Chevy and America is under the hood. 

A 327 with and Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and new distributer and electronic choke.

OK so the seat needs a little stiching up maybe.

I love the old school cup holders in the glove box lid.

The original purchase items for the truck in 1967 and most of it is still on the truck

Took a Friday off to drive up to Burlington where it was located and towed it home thanks to U-haul.  

Auto transport to Seattle. These things are great.

Ironic that my future tow vehicle had to be towed to Seattle.

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