USGP at Indianapolis 2000

Turn 1 at Indy

In September of 2000 I travled to my first F1 race: The USGP at Indianapolis, Indiana. A friend of mine on my soccer team worked with Seimans and they had complimentary tickets to the race. All I had to do was buy a plane ticket and rent a car. It was very cool to be able to see my new obsession in person. Too bad my camera sucked. My SLR had died so as a quick replacement I purchased a Nikon PHD (Push here dummy) camera with limited zoom.



My price for Friday as my friend hadn't arrived with the tickets. Not too bad: $10 for Friday practice.

The track map of Indy. 2.606 miles around. Total race distance: 73 laps, 190.238 miles

The Ferrari pits.

Schumi coming in from running on the track.

Porsche cup practice

A 1967 Ferrari F-312.

The nose of the Ferrari F312. One of my favorite F1 Ferraris.

Spaghetti exhaust of the F312.

The 1968 or 69? Ferrari F312, early aero in F1.

The 1967 Gurney Westlake Eagle with the nose off.

The 1967 Gurney Westlake Eagle

Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312 T2 in the historic F1 pits.

A 1980 Alfa Romeo F1 car with skirt.

Me at the Indy track.