My Milano
For a couple of years I owned this 1987 Alfa Milano Gold. I named it Maria Milano. It had 150K miles and was fun to drive.

I enjoyed owning the Milano
It had a lot of power and was interesting in its design.
While it had a few miles on it, it still ran strong.
New Alternator, new mid exhaust, new computer.
The interior was in pretty good shape.
No rips and pretty clean.
I owned the car for 2 years. Even took it to the track.
I changed the timing belt on it, wasn't too bad.
It needed about $2500 worth of work on it so I decided to sell it and get something different.
A couple from Alabama bought it for $500 and drove it home (after getting some crucial work done).
Here it is in the driveway with my Honda Discord.
I'd get another one but it'd have to be a Verde.