May 27 2002, what have I done?
I just bought these 2 Alfa Spiders. One to use as a parts car, the other to fix up and sell.

A 1975 Alfa Romeo Spider. I've named it Rusty.
A nice steering wheel for the black spider
Good top and lots of parts to be salvaged from Rusty.
Haven't named the black 1971 Spider yet. But its in much better shape.
Ah, junked cars and blue tarps. My neighbors will love me.
Getting started, at 8:00am. I'm never up this early on Saturdays
The first push
The Calipers were stuck, making it hard to push. So I let Tim do most of the work.
Tim is happy to have these leave his driveway.
I'm not too excited to have them...but I needed the parts and get a 2nd project car.
Tim can now use his driveway again.
Sonya's sturdy SUV. Nice of her to lend the Jeep.
The new project car...
And two more outside...I'm crazy.
This might take me a while