Monza Practice Friday


Dream trip for US Tifosi. I somehow manage to get tickets and travel to Italy to watch the Italian Grand Prix in Monza Italy



The sacred tickets to the promised land.

Driving into Monza

Traffic to the F1 practice introduces us to Italian driving styles.

The race track is in a huge park in Monza

Ah, a dream comes true

Heading under the historic banking

First views of the parabolica

Watching the GP2 series qualify

Angie seems to be enjoying herself

A Ferrari on track

View from the Ascari chicane

Hearing the F1 cars again was very nice!

Massa at Ascari

On Friday you can go to different spots on the track.

The old banking!

Honda implodes at Varriante della Rogia

Davidson gets quickly scootered off

The motor let go pretty quickly, first lap.

For Sale: 2006 Honda, Looks great but needs new motor

Tribune Ascari - you can see the cars at speed.

The cars head down to drive under the banking before Ascari

Cool old house next to the stands.

And, being in Milan we see the origins of half of the ALFA logo

Ferrari Fan? Or does he just like red?

The Kimi fans

The main straight.