Car work

Rumor has it I'm a car guy so here are some of my current and past car projects.

1983 911 Coupe

Some assembly required and battery not included. My first Porsche 911 and how I put it together.


1974 Backdate

My 1974 Porsche 911 RS clone project. Taking a basket case 911 and backdate it to a long hood Carrera RS.


BMW work

Test drove an M3 one day and that was all it took. I love this car.


Porsche 944

Some photos of a few of dad's 944s. Good cars, fun to drive and pretty reliable.


Alfa Romeo work

For many years I owned quite a few Alfa Romeos. Worked on them too.


1979 911 Targa

Found a shell on Craigslist with a clean title that will take all my extra parts to make a car to sell.