1974 Porsche 911 RS clone project

I've been searching for a good basket-case 911 that needed rescuing; one that I could convert into a 1973 911 Carerra RS tribute/clone/replica. I found one in Los Angelos that someone had purchased with the intent of doing the same thing. It was a perfect candidate for it. Underneath the craptastic body panels, ugly wheels, and minimal rust was a white 1974 911 with an engine and transmission.


A reference model of the 911 RS. I love the look of this car and have wanted to make a clone of it for quite a while.

Considered by some to be the most "definitive" 911.

I finally found a good donor car to use for my project and headed down to California to get it.

Driving to the car, stuck in a traffic jam of course.

The car had been sitting for several years.

The body kit was crazy ugly. A perfect candidate for back dating.

Not sure of the condition of the motor.

I'm planning on taking it out and going to go through it.

Someone's crack-pipe dream of a cool car.

Wait, 8 exhaust pipes for 6 cylinder? WTF?

Car was built in 12/1973 so, its kinda a 1973 right?

Lovely brake cooling ducts to nowhere.

I'm happy to have found a new project. My friend and her daughter had trouble seeing the potential.

but I took them to In and Out Burger to thank them for the ride

Car carrier taking it to Seattle

Arrived 3 days later at midnight. My neighbors probably hate me now.

Outside its new home waiting for surgery.

Have to remove the botched boob job and botox.

The side rocker panel is already loose.

Interior isn't too bad, but I want to put early sport seats in.

Some rust around the pedals too, need to fix that.

And those wheels gotta go.

In the garage with its younger sibling.

Hopefully someday it will look like this. (Photo from Car magazine, 1973)

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