First steps, tear down, and buying replacement parts

Dad came into town and was motivated to start tearing into the car. I'm glad as we really made some good progress in removing the old fiberglass parts. First thing to do was remove the wheels. I didn't quite grasp just how big they were until I got the car up on jack stands.


Of course there wasn't a key for the locking lug nut.

Rather than being stuck with the craptastic wheels I used a tool to remove them in 10 mins.

Good god these wheels are huge. Sold them on Craigslist!

305/50 R15 in the rear. Can't imagine these were good for this car.

Dad helped me get the rear whale tail off.

Nice to start cleaning the junk off

I'm going to remove the air conditioning system for weight and better cooling for the engine.

Now to remove the front nose

After removing the bolts inside the trunk and inside the wheel well we're able to lift.

Pulling away the side skirts reveals wood and card board. NICE!

A saws-all removes the over-sized flares.

Now there is more room in the garage and I have access to work on brake lines.

Dad was really motivated to get most of the body panels off.

Not bad for 2 hours of work. Now time for a scotch.

Most of the body panels removed. Still have a bit more to go.

Discovered the hubs were modifed in order to run with the giant wheels.

So, had to disassemble and restore the hubs with proper wheel studs.

Also discovered the front brakes are a bit smaller than my SC's brakes.

What the front hub replacement process looks like. The beer bottle was for the brake fluid I swear!

Unmolested wheel hub back on.

Proper Porsche Fuchs installed in the front. Thank the gods!

Located a duck tail at John Walker's Workshop!

Also got some rocker panels from John's shop.

John puts on the Porsche swap meet every year. Someone actually bought this car's whale tail!

I found quite a few parts there including this bigger brake set up.

Later in the week I managed to pick up a long hood in good condition and ready for paint.

Spent part of the weekend cleaning and rebuilding the rear brakes. Also got the proper wheel studs installed.

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