Quarter panels and rockers

Removing the windshield, replacing the rocker panels and attaching the rear quarter panels.


How to remove the windshield, cut on either side of the trim.

Dad digging in with the knife.

Cutting on either side saves the trim from bending. Can reuse these pieces.

Helps to have two people to pull the windshield out.

Now I can get to this little rust repair.

Put the wheels on and rolled it outside to strip away some fiberglass. Need to adjust the ride height.

Spent a couple of hours grinding away. It was like winter hit in July. These pix were taken after clean up.

So much fiberglass on there, almost an inch thick on those fenders. Had a good mask to help with the breathing.

Looking more like a car though with wheels and 2 fenders. I really like the duck tail.

I cut out the rocker panel and the new one is ready to go in.

Welded it in.

Fitting the rear fender on.

Alignment, centering the torsion bar.

Need to remove the oil tank.

Marking where I need to make the cut.

Looks good after making the cut.

Hanging the fender with the butt welding clamps.

Pretty good spacing.

First few rounds of butt welds.

A couple rounds later.

All stiched up.

Using the die grinder and many many discs I've sanded it all down.

Now to weld in at the door jam.

Mostly in, a little bit of touch up needed.

Things are aligning up nicely.

Now to blend in this little missing piece.

Starting on the driver's side

Taking the rusty rocker panel off.

Fitting the replacement in.

Aligning the old and the new.

Fitting it and prepping for welding.

Making sure the door can shut. Kind of important.

Welded in the rocker panel and the fender fits.

And now to fill in this small hole.

This fender was really mashed either before or during the big fiberglass conversion.

Fender hangs on pretty good.

Flush aligned with panel underneath.

Adjusting the gap for the door.

A bit more adjusting before cutting.

Welded in

Previous damage to the fender will have to be repaired

Connecting fender to rocker panel

Left fender is on and ready for paint prep

Rust repair and connecting to rocker panel

Almost ready to weld

Cut and ready to join

Welded up

Finished welding up the fender turn signal section.

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