Juneau Fireworks


Greg volunteered us to help set up the fireworks for the city of Juneau. How cool was that?

Unpacking the container.

Setting up onthe barge

hauling it all in place

Rows and rows of motors

They were pretty heavy

Greg and I take a break

The fireworks program plan.

Wiring up the motors

The big 10" and 12" motors

Greg and Gary strategize

Team meeting.

Covering up for the night

Wiring everything up.

Close up of the wires.

And the fireworks.

Your basic firework

A 6" star burst

Greg wires one up.

You wire it up

and lower it down the motor

Gary does a test just to make sure they work

Yep, it works

Greg continues to work on his display

Looks complicated

What a loaded firework motor looks like

The big displays are wired up.

A few of the 4" shots.

Methodical work.

Greg discusses his project

All wired up.

A 12" motor, about $400 a shot.

They're the ones that make you go "Ahhhh"

The control board