Juneau Fireworks


July 3rd; the final set up and big show. Because of the long days Juneau does the firework show at midnight of July 3rd. Probably making it one of the first places in the US to do its fireworks.

The control board.

Greg putting the finishing touches on his section

What happens when the aerial shell blows up in the tube

The multiple mortors

Testing some of the fuses

Lighting a 4 in. report

Running away from a 4 in. report

And its still burning.

The report or bang is pretty loud

The aftermath.

The control board showing the 10 inch launch section.

Someone's approaching the barge!

The coast guard comes for a visit

All set up and ready to go

How it works, just touch the hot wire to the screw.

Showing the sequence and timing

Time for another 4 inch salute!

Run away!

Towing the barge into place

Sunset in Juneau, almost time for the show

The bonfires on Douglas, the old 4th tradition.

More fires

Post mortum, time to clean up the mess

Lots of empty boxes and lots of fun.