Rusty Jr

I needed fenders for the RS project and came across this parts car in Eastern Washington. All four corners seemed to be usable and the gastank was also in good shape. The extra parts (and there is a lot of them) will go on the FrankenPorsche


This 1974 Targa had been sitting for 20 years in an Eastern WA back 40.

Suprisingly the fenders were in good shape after years outside. The floor pan had rusted through though.

The front suspension had been removed so I wasn't sure how it would load/unload off the trailer.

But it wasn't that hard when you've got a forklift and a palette for it to rest on.

How do you get it off?

Use your engine hoist.

Drive the truck and trailer away while the car remains stationary.

The next day I could tear into it and start taking parts off.

Off goes the bumper, which was a Euro spec bumper. Kind of rare here in the US.

The interior has been exposed to the elements for some time.

And its full of wasp nests.

Yikes. But I should be able to get some parts off it.

The Targa roll bar and rear window for a future project.

First fender off.

Looks pretty good.

The Targa top even has some usable parts on it.

Took both doors off

The car had a sag in it thanks to the rusted floorboards

Got both fenders off

And the gastank, man was that old fuel stinky.

Next comes the rear fenders

I found a place to store the old front end

And I stored the fenders on the car to keep them off the floor.

Used my air tools and a saws-all and got the rear fenders off.

The car is getting smaller and smaller.

Hopefully these will work. Am going to have them dipped and cleaned.

Blower removed.

More dash stuff removed.

More parts to sell.

These blower switches are pretty hard to come by.

915 transmission shifter.

The rear suspension and brakes removed.

Now the car is a lot lighter.

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